The Cheshire Craft Collective was created to share our passion and experience in arts, crafts and interior décor.  The company is owned by Clare Latimer and Nicola Kemp, both working mums living in Chester.

We met each other in September 2014 at a toddler group in Chester, two new mums with baby boys only a few weeks old. We were lucky to find a little group of mummy friends and took part in all sorts of classes, from baby yoga to messy play. But, on those rare nights off without the kids, we really struggled to find something fun that we could all do together. Clare had a great idea, we all got together at her house making Christmas decorations and drinking prosecco, that’s what got us thinking!

Clare Latimer

The meaning of Craft is ‘an activity involving skill in making things by hand.’ Definitely one of my great loves – the other two – family and wine, of course!

Having taught Art and Design for over 13 years it’s amazing and so rewarding to see a student’s skills and work develop. I specialised in Ceramics during my degree and have exhibited my work in The Mall Gallery in London as well as Hatfield House. Over the years as a practising artist my own skills have evolved and diversified and these days I love working with a variety of materials. There are so many artists whose work I love and admire but if I had to pin it down I would say Jenny Saville and Jenny Beavan are amongst my favourites and have greatly inspired me over the years, although they could not be much more diverse!

I was born in Macclesfield but spent my childhood in Kent. After a stint of travelling, I returned to the North to take up a place on the PGCE course at Chester University. Having finally returned to my roots and after meeting my husband Rob in the city, Chester is now home with our 2 gorgeous cheeky boys Billy and Artie..

I’ve always been a lover of crafts and most recently DIY, as our home is a bit of a fixer upper!

I’m a passionate marketeer with over 14 years professional experience. Highlights include working at the YMCA promoting kids clubs, running beer tasting events for an award winning brewer, creating and writing a national travel magazine, and most recently working with global drinks brands as part of an international packaging giant.

I was born and raised in Chester and returned to my home town in 2016 with my partner Ben to raise our two little ones, Tom and Sophie. My favourite artist is Salvador Dali, I love making Origami and my weaknesses are Kettle Chips, houmous and Rioja.

Nicola Kemp